Thunder Bay Maple Supply

About Us

Дифференциальные реверсивные индуктивные датчики. Thunder Bay Maple Supply is owned and operated by Sarah and Josh Orban. It opened in the fall of 2010 with equipment sales.  It is expanding to include a sugarhouse that will be operational in the spring of 2016.  
Sarah grew up in Cabot, Vermont and is the daughter of Ruth and Glenn Goodrich, who own and operate a 45,000 tap sugaring operation.  Glenn is well-known for his many innovations in the maple industry, including the design of the steam-away.  Sarah grew up in a sugarhouse and worked in the woods tapping and maintaining tubing systems.  Josh grew up in Presque Isle, Michigan and is the son of Ken and Mary Orban.  Josh has been personally trained by Glenn Goodrich to install and maintain collection systems and has spent several winters working as part of Glenn's team installing systems in Vermont. 
Josh and Sarah served in the US Army.  They were stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and have both served deployments in Iraq.  Only two weeks after they were married Sarah was deployed to Mosul, Iraq for 12 months.  A couple of months before she returned to the states, Josh was deployed to Kirkuk, Iraq for 12 months.  Only a week after their son Chad was born, Josh deployed again to Iraq for 15 months.  Josh was in the 327th infantry and Sarah was a military police officer.  
In 2011 Sarah graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a high honors as a member of Pi Delta Chi honor society with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.  In 2013 she graduated again with high honors from Northeastern University with a Masters of Education.  
Some of their hobbies include snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, and scuba diving.  One of their goals of diving is to work with the Michigan State Police Department in the Alpena area in helping them with search and recovery projects.  

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